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    Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

    Ashley Nelson-Hornstein is an iOS developer at Dropbox. She fell in love with the iOS platform at Apple, and later developed a passion for crafting intuitive user interfaces as a lead at a news startup named Circa. Since joining Dropbox, Ashley has worked to make the app more accessible and also implemented state restoration. She lives and works in San Francisco, and tries really hard not to let her blog go stale.


    CocoaConf Austin 2015 Presentations

    Building Quality Code That Lasts: A Dropbox Story

    Dropbox for iPhone was released in 2009, and since then, we've seen major changes to iOS. This talk will provide an inside look at how a mature app like Dropbox has been re-architected over time to keep up with the latest improvements in iOS. Ashley will also explore how the app is produced, from the APIs and technical architecture, to the practices followed that ensure consistent and quality code. Testing is crucial to keep the app reliable, so Ashley will speak about how Dropbox implements functional testing on iOS.