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By Solomon Klein (June 30, 2015, at 1:38 PM)

We’ve been a bit busy here at CocoaConf HQ, but we’re super excited to let you know that the first three videos from Yosemite 2015 are now available!

The first three videos we’ve released are:

These videos will be free to the public (until the entropy of the universe reaches a maximum) thanks to the awesome people at Panic, Bare Bones Software, and Smile.

We thank them so much for making these videos possible.

We’ll posting more videos of the sessions from Yosemite ’15 in the following weeks, so be watching the page. And in case you’ve enjoyed what you see there: we’ll be returning to Yosemite next March 14–17. Sign up to be notified when tickets go live, at

For the CocoaConf Team,

By Dave Klein (June 22, 2015, at 6:56 AM)

We have some bad news and some good news regarding CocoaConf Columbus (7/10–11).  The bad news is that the conference hotel has sold out of guest rooms, so those coming from out of town will have to stay at a neighboring hotel.  There is a list of a few options below.

The good news is that this has prompted us to offer a special discount to those who have not yet registered.  We’re calling it the “Locals Only” discount, but really it’s open to anyone.  It’s just our way of saying sorry for not reserving more rooms at the venue.

So, if you have not registered for CocoaConf Columbus yet, go to and use the discount code, LocalsOnly, to save 30% on a Conference or Conference Plus Workshop ticket!  That’s  savings of up to $240!  Hopefully that will take away some of the sting of having to stay at Motel 6 for a couple nights.  :-)

So, head on over to the site now and sign up for big savings and an opportunity to learn from and hang out with some of the best developers, authors, and trainers in the iOS / Mac community!

See you there,

By The CocoaConf Team (February 18, 2015, at 2:10 PM)

In an effort to continually supply Andy Ihnatko’s wardrobe, we’ve been working on producing new t-shirts for our four 2015 Spring events. We’ve been tossing around ideas for a while, and after thinking about it, we’ve figured it’d be fun to get some fresher ideas from all of you, because you’re probably more creative than we are. :)

Now you might be thinking “I can‘t do a t-shirt design! I’m a programmer, and Bill Dudney said to ’Never Ship Programmer Art!’”

Yes, he did say “Never Ship Programmer Art”… but he didn’t say you couldn’t put it on a t-shirt!

So, with that, here’s your chance to win a free pass to any Spring CocoaConf, plus three nights’ hotel!

From today till March 5th, we’ll be collecting ideas for our 2015 Spring Tour t-shirts. You can send in as many ideas as you like, in whatever format you choose. We have a file you can download, containing some CocoaConf graphics that you can incorporate in your design in whatever way your cranial organelle deems best.

On March 5th, we’ll pick a design, and its creator will receive a free pass to the CocoaConf of their choice, and three nights’ hotel!*

Send in your ideas to Again, we’ll be collecting artwork from now till March 5th.

We look forward to seeing your ideas. And may the best design win!

—The CocoaConf Team

* If you have already registered for the conference, and your design wins, we’ll refund the price of your ticket.

By Dave Klein (January 6, 2015, at 10:34 AM)

Half Dome as seen from Glacier Point

We are so excited about the Yosemite conference. Not just because of where it will be held, but because of what it is shaping up to be.  We have been organizing conferences for Apple developers for almost four years, but we’ve never held an event quite like this.

With seventeen of the most amazing people in the Apple community—some developers, but most not—Yosemite is a conference for the Apple community.  Our speakers are some of the best and most-loved writers, designers, philosophers, and developers working in the Apple ecosystem.

Those familiar with CocoaConf know that our developer events are mostly about code.  Yosemite is mostly about beauty.  Beautiful designs, beautiful words, beautiful scenery, and yes, beautiful code.


That’s why the location is so perfect.  Right in the heart of Yosemite Valley, surrounded by towering sequoias and majestic rock structures like El Capitan, Half Dome, and Glacier Point.  The beautiful upper Yosemite Falls is in view from the conference grounds, and in late April, it should be at peak flow.  It’s going to be awesome!

Yosemite is a conference at the intersection of technology, the liberal arts, and nature.

I hope to see you there!