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By The CocoaConf Team (May 27, 2014, at 10:37 AM)

Our thanks to the awesome folks at GitHub for sponsoring our 2014 Spring Tour. We really appreciate their support of CocoaConf and the Apple developer community as a whole.

You’re probably already using GitHub, but if you aren’t, now is a good time to fix that and a good place to start is their features page.

We’ve had the privilege of having three members of the GitHub for Mac dev team — Danny Greg, Justin Spahr-Summers, and Josh Abernathy — join us this past Spring tour. Watch for them this Fall, as well. :)

Thank you, GitHub!

By Dave Klein (April 15, 2014, at 11:14 AM)

Our spring tour has been going great! It has been so cool to see so many passionate, engaged Apple developers meeting, learning, and sharing ideas. We’ve often said that it’s not just our awesome speakers that make CocoaConf so great; and it’s not even the cream of the crop attendees that come to join us; it’s the magical combination. Bring them all together in one place for a weekend, and great things just happen! We have been seeing that again this spring.

Part of what has made our events so exciting this year is that each event has been sold out. Now, we cap our attendance, so sold out doesn’t translate into overcrowded, but this does make for a lot of great connections and discussions! In fact, our last six CocoaConf events have sold out, starting with Boston last fall.

To help meet the growing demand, we are adding two new cities. This fall, we will be returning to Columbus, Boston, and Atlanta, and making our first stops in Seattle and Las Vegas! It is going to be one exciting fall conference season!

We already have some great speakers lined up for each of our events, and we will be adding more of your favorites in the coming weeks. But while we’re doing that, you can register now to guarantee your spot at the city of your choice. The full schedule is below and they’re all going to be great. So, choose the city closest to you, or the city you’ve been itching to visit. If you have trouble deciding, you can always come to more than one.

As usual, we are kicking off registration with a limited number of Early Bird tickets, which can save you $150. But on top of that, today only, we are holding an Opening Day Sale! Save an additional 20% by using the promotional code “Opening-Day”. This code is only good until tonight at 12:00 midnight PDT.

This is a great opportunity to save some money and ensure that you don’t miss out on CocoaConf this fall. Because a waiting list is a very lonely place to be.

See you on the tour,

By Solomon Klein (April 1, 2014, at 8:55 AM)

We’re excited to have Itty Bitty Apps, the makers of Reveal, sponsoring us this tour.

Reveal is like Firebug for your iOS applications. It shows you your application’s view hierarchy with 2D and 3D visualizations at runtime, allowing you to debug your layout issues in seconds.

Several of our speakers use Reveal and love it. Here’s what a couple of them have to say:

“Reveal is now a part of our daily workflow when developing and debugging the UI for our apps, and worth every dollar.”
Stewart Gleadow

“Reveal is some black magic debugging voodoo. It’s one of those tools I always wished I had in the back of my head, but never thought it’d exist. So awesome.”
Justin Williams

And from the CocoaConf Team:

“As a newcomer to iOS development I was able to get real value out of this tool within moments of launching it. In addition to being invaluable for bug-squishing, there’s something simply magical about seeing the UI of your app laid bare in 3D space.”
— Zak

If you don’t have a copy of that magic they call Reveal, they have a cure for that at Get yours today!

Thank you, Itty Bitty Apps!

— Solomon, for the CocoaConf Team

By Dave Klein (February 25, 2014, at 9:2 AM)

Over the past three years, at the fifteen CocoaConf events that we’ve been privileged to put on, we have been totally blessed to have the help of such awesome speakers. Without the help of people such as Daniel Steinberg, Chris Adamson, Jonathan Penn, Josh Smith, Jaimee Newberry, James Dempsey, Ben Scheirman, Mark Pospesel, and so many others, CocoaConf wouldn’t exist. We are grateful to them all.

This Spring, most of your and our favorite CocoaConf speakers will be returning to the following cities:

March 7–8 (Sold Out)

March 28–29

April 4–5 (Sold Out)

San Jose
April 25–26

May 9–10

Joining them will be several new (or newer) additions to the CocoaConf speaker roster. So, I just wanted to introduce you to some of them. We are looking forward to hearing from them and we’re sure you will be too!

Mike AshMike Ash — Mike is the author of the bi-weekly Friday Q&A, a blog series focused on deep technical topics related to Mac and iOS programming. He’s been developing for the Apple platform for over 20 years, and he’ll be joining us at CocoaConf DC.

Mark Dalrymple Mark Dalrymple — Mark is an instructor at Big Nerd Ranch. He’s been writing code for the Mac since 1985. You can catch his talks at CocoaConf DC.

Matt DranceMatt Drance — Formerly a developer evangelist at Apple, Matt is the owner of BookHouse Software. He’s co-author of iOS Recipes for the Pragmatic Bookshelf. Matt will kick off CocoaConf San Jose this coming April.

Danny Greg Danny Greg — Danny is a software developer at GitHub. Prior to that he worked for companies like Realmac and No Thirst. You can find him speaking at CocoaConf Chicago and CocoaConf San Jose.

Casey Liss Casey Liss — Casey is a .Net and iOS developer. He’s probably best known as the unknown co-host of the Accidental Tech Podcast, and the late Neutral. He will be showing his face at CocoaConf DC.

Mike Rundle Mike Rundle — Mike Rundle is a iOS developer and designer in Raleigh. He's the creator of Interesting for iPhone, and the author of Building iOS Apps From Scratch. He’ll be making his debut at CocoaConf Mini Raleigh this May.

Laura Savino Laura Savino — Laura is a Seattle-based iOS developer. Currently, she’s primary iOS developer at Khan Academy. She will be joining us at CocoaConf Chicago and CocoaConf San Jose.

David Smith David Smith — David Smith is an independent iOS developer. He’s the creator of apps like Check the Weather and Pedometer++ and of services like Feed Wrangler. He’s also the host of a weekly podcast, Developing Perspective. You can find him at CocoaConf DC.

Sam Soffes Sam Soffes — Sam is a developer and designer from the Bay Area. He currently runs Full Package and has worked on applications like Hipstamatic and Cheddar. He’ll be joining us for the first time at CocoaConf San Jose.

Mattt Thompson Mattt Thompson — Mattt is a software engineer at Panic. He’s also the creator & maintainer of AFNetworking, and writes about the obscure & overlooked parts of Cocoa on NSHipster. He’ll also be speaking at CocoaConf San Jose.

Michele Titolo Michele Titolo — Michele is the Lead at Prolific Interactive. She’s also a member of the CocoaPods team, and serves as Tech Lead for Women Who Code. She will be joining us at CocoaConf San Jose.

Ray Wenderlich Ray Wenderlich — Ray is a iPhone developer, instructor, and the founder of Razeware. Along with the iOS Tutorial Team, Ray has provided a host of articles and tutorials for iOS development at Ray and his wife, Vicki, will be joining us at CocoaConf DC.

Justin Williams Justin Williams — Justin is the maker of stuff at Second Gear, the new owners of Glassboard. He will be speaking at CocoaConf Chicago, CocoaConf San Jose, and CocoaConf Mini Austin.

Dave Wiskus Dave Wiskus — Dave is the third guy at Q Branch, the makers of the celebrated Vesper note-taking app. He’s an interaction designer and podcaster, and legend holds that he’s also the owner of an adorable canine. He’ll be joining us at CocoaConf DC.

Marcus Zarra Marcus Zarra — Marcus is the co-founder of Empirical Development, which recently merged with MartianCraft. Marcus is the author of Core Data for the Pragmatic Bookshelf. He’ll be joining us at CocoaConf San Jose.

We hope to see you on the tour!