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By Dave Klein (November 19, 2011, at 10:27 AM)

A couple of exciting tech conferences are going on this weekend. Both are put on by industry leaders and both are drawing some of the most dedicated and smartest developers and designers in our industry. So, to commend these individuals and to show our support for great tech conferences, we are offering a special discount to attendees of these events. This weekend only.

Attendees of IndieConf in Raleigh, NC can use the discount code: INDIECONF for a $200 discount when registering for CocoaConf.

And software craftsmen attending SCNA 2011 in Chicago, IL can use the discount code: SCNA for that same $200 discount.

So, if you're at one of these great conferences this weekend, enjoy. Get involved. Make the most of these tremendous opportunities. Then, when you get home head over to and use one of these codes for a great deal on some of the best iOS and OS X development training available.

These codes will be active through Monday 11/21/2011, so don't wait too long!

By Dave Klein (November 16, 2011, at 1:6 PM)

The team that trains together stays together, so we are offering a special discount for teams of three or more. For every two people that register in one transaction, we’ll give your team one free pass. (You could think of it as a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal, but we think “Team Discount” sounds better.)

Here’s how it works

When you register, sign up two people at one time and use the discount code THREES_A_TEAM (which will also get you a $50 discount). Then send an email to with the name and email address of the third team member. We will send that person a 100% discount code so that they can register for free. If you sign up four team members at once, send us names and email address for two other team members, and so on.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

By Dave Klein (November 14, 2011, at 11:34 AM)

Our first-ever Twitter Giveaway was a big success. We received 150 retweets from 76 different people (or is that “tweeple”?).

Anyhow, this morning, we printed out all of the retweets and cut them out. Then we put them all in a bag and held the grand Prize Drawing. (We even had a mock drum roll.)

...and the winner was...


Congratulations, @fablednet! You’ve won a free pass to CocoaConf, along with 3 nights’ hotel stay. Please DM us on Twitter (or email us at info at to get the details on how to claim your prize.

The Runner-Up Prize

For everyone else that participated in the contest, we have a special runner-up prize. DM or email us for details.

Thank you all for joining in the fun. See you in Raleigh!

By Dave Klein (November 9, 2011, at 1:34 PM)

Since CocoaConf is a relatively new conference, one of our biggest challenges is letting developers know that we’re here. And since we can't quite afford a Daring Fireball sponsorship yet, we have to come up with other creative means.

Twitter has been a great tool for getting the word out, so we’re going to take advantage of that: we’re holding a Twitter give-away.

Here's the deal. For 72 hours — 2:00 Eastern, Wednesday, November 9th to 2:00 Eastern, Saturday, November 12th — we’re going to collect all retweets of @cocoaconf tweets. Each retweet will be an entry in the drawing.

And the prize for this drawing? A free pass to CocoaConf and three nights’ lodging! So if you win, all you’ll have to do is get yourself out to Raleigh on December 1st. That's an $800 value, and all you have to do is a bit of retweeting.

Remember, each retweet counts as one entry. The more @cocoaconf tweets you retweet, the better your chances of winning!

So, follow us on Twitter, watch for tweets from us, and start retweeting. We’ll record the actual drawing and post the results here (and, of course, we'll announce it on Twitter).