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    Jon Reid

    Jon Reid is committed to helping iOS developers create Clean Code. He has practiced Test Driven Development since 2001, and is the author of OCHamcrest and OCMockito. Check out Jon’s blog Quality Coding.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    Model View Presenter and the Power of Refactoring

    Untamed MVC leads to “massive view controller”. While MVVM is a popular alternative among iOS developers, Jon will show his favorite approach: Model View Presenter. In particular, Jon will show how you can refactor your way there.

    Test-Driven Development Hands-On Workshop

    Like riding a bicycle, TDD is something you learn by doing. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll start out with a simple exercise to learn the basics of the TDD Waltz. Then we’ll make things more complex, work with a view controller, and finally discuss ways to tackle legacy code. Bring your laptop!