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    Josh Smith

    Josh has 20 years of professional IT experience and has been a sysadmin (and still kinda is), programmer in various languages, consultant, employee and guy who makes sure the pop machine is full. He lives, works, and occasionally builds robots in Pittsburgh, PA.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    Microservices in Swift

    Micro services architecture is an approach to software development where a single application is composed of many small services, each running in its own process space and communicating via lightweight methods. Micro services used to be really hard to deploy but that’s not true anymore. Now we can even write them in Swift.

    In this talk we’ll cover how micro services can help you as a developer and how to make them in swift. We’ll even talk about two ways to deploy them (one using a serverless system called OpenWhisk from Apache and the other using Docker swarms).

    Using Torch7 and Neural Networks on iOS

    Torch7 provides a Matlab-like environment for state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. It is easy to use and provides a very efficient implementation, thanks to an easy and fast scripting language (Lua) and a underlying C implementation.

    In this moderately advanced tutorial I’ll be covering how to use Torch7 on iOS to construct simple neural networks and do some cool stuff.