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    Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones has lived all of his life in the Madison Wisconsin area, (Mazomanie) except for 11 months during high school in Brazil as an exchange student. After getting a computer science degree from Edgewood college, Kevin worked 11 years at Cuna Mutual Group, where among other things he helped squash the Y2K bug. His first computer was an Apple IIe back in 11th grade, and after 16 years in the Microsoft world he returned to the Mac in 2010, where he feels accessibility for blind users like himself have more future potential. Kevin is currently spending a great deal of his time working to further that by helping fellow blind users learn, and also exploring improved efficiency through workflow automation.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    Helping VoiceOver See More Clearly

    Apple’s interface builder gives you considerable accessibility for free, but developers, being creators, often will want something new.

    In this talk, we’ll see how you can take advantage of accessibility in default UI controls when available, and approaches developers can take when making User Interfaces from scratch. We’ll talk about how to test for accessibility (beyond the simulator), and hopefully someone might be brave and let us test their app.

    Seeing Interfaces with VoiceOver

    People talk about accessibility, and if is an app accessible or not. While any attempt to make an app more accessible is appreciated, “totally accessible” doesn’t mean that it’s efficient.

    In this talk, Kevin will show you how VoiceOver thinks, how it behaves, and explore the differences between accessibility and efficiency, and arrive at how it’s all really a spectrum that we all live on.

    “There are those with disabilities and there are those who haven’t quite found their’s yet.” --Chris Downey