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    Jeff Roberts

    Jeff Roberts began programming way back in the 80’s, the 1980’s that is, back when the music was great and the hair was big. He began his career in 1986 writing RPGII on an IBM System/36. In 1991, he ventured out as an independent software consultant, quickly transitioning to Object-Oriented Programming in Smalltalk, then to Java in 1996, then to Web Dev in 2002, then to Adobe Flex/AIR in 2007 and now doing mobile development in Android and iOS. If you’re counting, he’s been writing code in 4 different decades spanning nearly 30 years.

    Jeff’s biggest claim to fame was as the lead developer of the original League of Legends client for Riot Games where he still consults and does mobile development. One of his proudest accomplishments is passing his passion for software development down to his son Kyle, who now also does mobile software development professionally. Plus, his wife is a visual/UX designer. What more can a nerd want?

    You can find him and his son Kyle on their YouTube channel where they publish lots of bite-sized videos on mobile development, on Twitter @JeffBNimble and GitHub at JeffBNimble.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    Remove the "M" from MVC

    Unless you've lived under a rock, you're familiar with the MVC architecture. It's been around since the 1970's. However, I would like to propose that the "M" as we know it isn't really necessary anymore. If you come to this session, I'll expect you have a basic understanding of MVC and then I'll propose to you we don't need the "M" anymore. Intrigued? Come hear me out. Dump the M. You don't need it.