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    Jacob Van Order

    Jacob Van Order is the Lead iOS Developer at Grainger and owns his own side company named SushiGrass. With a background in graphic design, he made the transition to iOS development around the time that iPhoneOS 2.0 came out. Since then, he's released numerous personal and professional apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. He cohosts the NSCoder Chicago meetup that meets the second tuesday of every month in Downtown Chicago.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    Building Web Applications with Kitura

    Headed up by IBM, Kitura is an open-source, scalable web framework that uses Swift in order to create web services on Mac or Linux. If you're an iOS Developer who is interested in backend web development but don't have the time to learn another language, Kitura offers the chance for you to set up your own API for your app while sharing model objects between the server and the client. We'll be going over basics, setup, and common use cases for this fast-growing framework.