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    Walter Tyree

    A recovering IT Director, Walter heard the Siren's song of freelance work in 2010 and has been the owner and sole, human employee of Tyree Apps, LLC ever since. In addition to mobile development, Tyree Apps offers training and management consulting. Though the most lucrative projects are development for other companies, Tyree Apps creates a handful of iOS apps under their own name. When he isn't working or attending IT conferences Walter likes to play with his dog, keep his 1973 Beetle running and ensure that his children will have interesting stories to tell their therapists in adulthood.


    CocoaConf Chicago 2017 Presentations

    I Know it When I See It

    Animation timings and gameplay actions are controlled by numerical values. However, discovering those values is much harder than measuring the pixel sizes of static images from a designer. This talk provides ideas and strategies for how you can make working models in Xcode and which values are the most important when you are trying to decide how to delight your users with your animations and gameplay.


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    NCIS: Elk Grove!

    This all day workshop will focus on strategies for debugging and the tools we have to find and exterminate the oddest of bugs in existing code. After reviewing our tools and some methodology for debugging; we will practice on contrived and real-world examples. We will tackle easy but common items first and then move on to harder examples involving memory pressure; wonky networks and race conditions. Then we’ll move on to truly bizarre problems that couldn’t ever happen in real life, could they? Attendees are encouraged to bring interesting bugs from their own work for the class to study.