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    Bill Dudney

    Bill Dudney is an iOS/Mac indie developer. In addition to his own apps he helps others deliver great user experiences on iOS and the Mac. He is the co-author of iPhone SDK Development and Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone. In addition to writing software and writing books Bill likes to teach others the finer points of Cocoa with the Pragmatic Studio. You can find him on Twitter and his blog, or climbing a mountain in his home state of Colorado, USA.


    CocoaConf Raleigh Presentations

    Beautiful and Shiny - The iOS Graphics System

    iOS Apps are known for their rich and beautiful user interfaces. A big part of the beauty and responsiveness is due to the underlying graphics system. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use Core Graphics and Core Animation to take your app to the next level.

    Most of what ends up in an iOS UI is built with an image editor and part of the app at deploy time. But dynamic content can't be drawn before hand instead it must be drawn on the device at runtime. Core Graphics has a rich set of API's that can be used for just that purpose. The API is object-oriented but C based. That causes some devs to steer clear. In this tutorial we'll demystify the API so you can take advantage of Core Graphics in your app.

    Once we've covered the basics we'll go into how the compositing model works on iOS. Every pixel that is displayed on a device goes through the Core Animation compositing engine. A through understanding of how the compositing engine works is vital to getting your app to look and perform great.

    In this tutorial we'll cover:

    Graphics Contexts Drawing with paths, gradients, colors, clipping regions and masks Reflections Core Image, including the iOS 5 Face Recognition feature Compositing Tricks to squeeze every last frame out of your animations Making a beautiful responsive and engaging app is key to success on the AppStore.

    Come to this session and learn how to make your app even more amazing.

    iOS Performance Tuning with Instruments

    Responsiveness is critical to the success of your iOS app. When someone starts an app they typically need the information right away. The less they have to wait the happier they will be. But, optimizing an app without data is a losing proposition. To know where to optimize you need to know where the hot spots are. In this session we will learn how to use Instruments to find and fix performance bottle necks. We'll look at three critical areas: • Startup time • Memory Usage • Scrolling & Graphics Performance These three areas of performance analysis and improvement are critical to the success of any app. Come to this session and learn the to make your app fly!