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    Jaimee Newberry

    Jaimee speaks and writes on motivational and tactical topics she's learned throughout 17 years as a web and mobile app designer, UX practitioner, manager, co-worker, business owner, partner, and employee counselor. She weaves-in experience and learnings from life as a mom, a woman in tech, a life-designer and as a human being.

    She consults Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and startups in nourishing their in-house creative teams and strengthening company-wide experience design and strategy practices. She also coaches owners, managers, product, ux and creative teams in building confidence, communication, execution, balance and success.

    Jaimee is the co-founder of, co-host of the podcast Unprofessional (since ep. #74), catalyst for @wwdcgirls, and co-keeper of


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    Frustrations with clients or customers of our products can spawn from a host of situations. Mine often come from mis-thinkings in how/where "UX" belongs in the project lifecycle. How can we help clients understand what UX is and how it threads through a project from beginning to end?

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