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    Ray Wenderlich

    Ray Wenderlich is an iPhone developer and gamer, and the founder of Razeware LLC. Ray is passionate about both making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them. He and the iOS Tutorial Team have written a bunch of tutorials about iOS development available at http://www.raywenderlich.com.


    CocoaConf DC Presentations

    In-App Purchases in iOS 6

    If you're interested in adding In-App Purchases into your apps, this is the talk for you! This talk will cover both how to implement In-App Purchases the "quick and easy" way, along with a more robust solution involving dynamic server side downloads and receipt validation. In addition, you will learn about the new "hosted downloads" feature in iOS 6 that lets you host your In-App Purchase content on Apple's servers.

    iOS 101

    Are you a beginner to iOS, or are you an intermediate iOS developer looking to brush up your foundational skills? Then iOS 101 is for you!

    iOS 101 is day-long workshop that consists of several lectures and live coding demos followed by hands-on labs. It covers the following material:

    • A crash course in Objective-C
    • Making your first iPhone app
    • Using common UIKit controls, such as buttons, sliders, and text fields
    • Using the Storyboard editor
    • Transitioning between view controllers with segues
    • Using Navigation Controllers
    • Using table views to display lists of data
    • (Time permitting) Saving data to disk
    • (Time permitting) Introduction to iPad development

    This workshop is a high intensity crash course where you'll learn a lot, code a lot, and (if you're lucky) leave with some epic loot at the end! :]

    By the end of the workshop, you'll have developed several iOS apps by yourself, from scratch, that are actually useful! You'll leave with a firm foundation of iOS skills that you can use to make the most of CocoaConf!