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    Matt Drance

    Matt Drance is a developer, consultant, author, and part-time stay at home dad living in Northern California. He founded Bookhouse Software in 2009, where he builds iOS applications for prominent clients around the US and advises a number of Silicon Valley startups. Matt is co-author of the acclaimed iOS Recipes for the Pragmatic Bookshelf, and trains new iOS programmers with the Pragmatic Studio. He shares his thoughts on technology, entertainment, and business at Apple Outsider. Prior to life on his own, Matt spent eight years at Apple helping developers navigate the Mac OS X and iPhone SDKs.

    When he isn't coding, writing, changing diapers, or doing dishes, Matt drives cars around many of California's famous racetracks.


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    The People We Work For

    Our day to day tasks are incredibly technical and often impersonal. As pressure builds, and deadlines loom, it's easy to get lost in the details and tactics, forgetting that the work we do is in fact very personal. It affects us, the people around us, and countless people we will likely never meet. Remembering the effects of our efforts is critical to staying motivated, focused, and productive. We'll explore the decisions and tactics that can benefit all of these people — our customers, our teammates, not least of all ourselves — and build a healthy cycle of work and life all around.