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    Manton Reece

    Manton Reece is a Mac, iOS, and web developer from Austin, Texas. Manton is the co-host of the podcast Core Intuition and the creator of Tweet Marker. His latest project is Micro.blog, a new social network and publishing platform for independent microblogs.


    CocoaConf Dallas Presentations

    Subscription APIs for Recurring Revenue

    Magazines have become popular in the App Store with the introduction of Newsstand. But did you know that more traditional apps can also take advantage of auto-renewing subscriptions? This talk will examine why subscriptions might be important for your next app -- how the software market has changed in recent years and who is using subscriptions to provide a consistent, predictable source of revenue. We'll talk about Apple's in-app purchase APIs for subscriptions, the types of apps that are suitable for subscriptions, and an approach for building the server foundation for your app, with a detour into the Stripe API for when you must accept payments outside the App Store.