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    Bob McCune

    Bob McCune is an iOS developer, instructor, and author of Learning AV Foundation (Addison-Wesley Professional). He's the the owner of TapHarmonic, a Twin Cities-based consulting and training company. He’s been developing software since the mid-90s and has played the roles of developer, instructor, architect, and mentor on a wide variety of projects. He got his start developing for Apple platforms the day Mac OS X Leopard was released and has never looked back. You can find him on Twitter or at his website, bobmccune.com


    CocoaConf DC Presentations

    Composing and Editing Media with AV Foundation

    AV Foundation is Apple's advanced Objective-C framework for working with time-based audio/visual media. The framework provides a wide and growing variety of functionality and in this session we'll discuss one of its most exciting capabilities, media creation!

    In this talk you'll learn to effectively use the framework's playback and composition features to compose and edit video clips, add animated transitions and titles, and even mix music and sound effects. Along the way Bob will provide lots of sample code so you can see (and hear) these features in action.