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    Ian Terrell

    Ian Terrell is a senior iOS engineer and official Open Source Czar (don't tell his boss that's not a title!) at WillowTree, Inc. He's been working in Swift since before Swift was, well, working. Now that it's on the server, too, he might not have any excuse to write backend APIs in Go. He currently splits his time between Lothric and Charlottesville, VA where he lives with his wife and kids.


    CocoaConf DC 2016 Presentations

    Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift

    With frameworks like Ember and Redux, web developers have been using unidirectional data flow (Facebook’s “Flux” architecture) to manage complex UIs for more than a year now. Many developers report that the pattern boosts development speed, simplifies their app architecture, and leads to more testable code. We can apply the same pattern to the UI tier of our apps and achieve similar gains. This talk describes the Flux architecture and how to implement it in Swift. We’ll go beyond toy projects and explore how to use it with routing, forms, animation, table views, Core Data, and more.