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    Mike Zornek

    Mike Zornek (@zorn) has been programming for Apple platforms since the Public Beta introduction of Mac OS X. Currently, Mike works for the Big Nerd Ranch doing a mixture of teaching and consulting, primarily focusing on the iOS platform. Mike also helps run the local Philadelphia CocoaHeads chapter. In his spare time Mike dabbles with ongoing desktop Mac development side projects as well as web development using frameworks like Rails and Ember. In his spare-spare time Mike also enjoys video games, swimming, and listening to podcasts.


    CocoaConf DC 2016 Presentations

    Swift Code Patterns From the Ranch

    At the Big Nerd Ranch we've been experimenting with Swift since it was first announced. We've also been lucky enough to have some wonderful clients whom have empowered us to use Swift on their projects. This talk will explore some of the way we've embraced Swift patterns as we interact with UIKit on our projects. We'll review some small ideas and then move up in scale to finish with some larger ideas. With luck you'll walk away with some actionable patterns to make your own Swift projects safer, easier to read and easier to test.