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    10 Secrets to Masterful Interface Design

    From skeuomorphic, to flat, and now modern design styles (a spectrum of both), David Hoang has been designing for iOS since he bought his first generation iPhone. In this talk, David expresses his ideas and thoughts on what makes good interface design, how good design practice is a matter of seeing, and how anybody can build the skills to be a good designer (including you).

    David will share a mixture of academic design best practices and personal learnings from his own experience. After this talk, you'll be more prepared to:

    • identify good design (and improve weak designs)
    • level up your design skills with daily exercise
    • wield uncommon tools for specialized tasks
    • do 7 more cool secret things (or something...)

    Whether you're an indie developer doing your own design work, or a beginner who trembles at the thought of Sketch and hesitates in Interface Builder, this talk will refine your skills and boost your confidence.