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    Laura Savino

    Laura is an iOS developer with a penchant for languages, travel, and education. She most recently worked to transform students' academic experience by building iOS apps at Khan Academy, and is now a highly sought-after freelance learner.


    CocoaConf Next Door Presentations

    Advanced Beginner Git

    You can commit, pull, and push from the command line when you need to, and you're ready to learn some more git features–but you aren't trying yet, because your source code is a *terrifying* place to experiment with unknown git commands. In this workshop, we'll work together in a pre-existing toy repo so you can get comfortable doing things like: browsing history to find the source of a bug (bisect & blame), using the most helpful of Xcode's built-in source control support (no, it's not snapshots), and getting back to the state where "everything worked" (reset, stash, reflog).

    Crafting your Presentation

    You've spent this week intensely learning, both deepening your knowledge of existing tech and playing with tons of new APIs. And now you're all fired up, and can't wait to share it with your team back home!

    In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to choose a good topic, narrow your focus to a few specific objectives, and brainstorm materials & techniques to make sure people really grasp these new ideas. If you're writing your first presentation, you'll come out with welcome starting scaffold–and if you're writing your fiftieth, you'll shore up those pedagogical skills that are so easy to overlook.

    Making Friends with Xcode

    Xcode is a fabulous tool, but especially when you're just getting started, you might not know all the ways you can bend it to your will. We'll talk through both much-loved and little-known keyboard shortcuts, custom behaviors you should absolutely add, the joy of breakpoints, and if we're lucky, some super helpful new debugging components in Xcode 6.