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    Josh Smith

    Josh has 20 years of professional IT experience and has been a sysadmin (and still kinda is), programmer in various languages, consultant, employee and guy who makes sure the pop machine is full. He lives, works, and occasionally builds robots in Pittsburgh, PA.


    CocoaConf Next Door Presentations

    Cartography, Coordinate Systems, and Kalman Filters

    This is an introduction to Maps, Coordinate Systems, and cool tricks you can do with them. This introductory session will cover the basics of working with maps, what coordinates do and how to use and convert them, and how to draw paths on maps using sensor data.

    How long is this going to take?

    Isn’t that what everyone wants to know? How do you estimate how long an a feature or system is going to take to complete? We know that estimates are often wrong, but can’t we say something?

    Maybe, we can.

    We’ll talk Monte Carlo solutions, estimation history, and why communicating error in measurement is important.

    Why you should care about the Accelerate Framework

    Sure, everybody likes Metal but the Accelerate framework is where the magic really happens. This talk assumes no prior usage of BLAS or Fortran.

    We’ll talk some Math, some Matrices, some Ceiling Wax and Kings.