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    Jeff Biggus

    Jeff Biggus is the founder of HyperJeff, Inc., producing Unix, Mac, iPhone and iPad apps, and custom in-house software for companies, specializing in scientific software. He has been an independent programming consultant for more than 15 years. Jeff cut his teeth on programming back in the early 1980's on the Apple ][+. He started the HyperJeff Network back in 1994, a site serving the Mac OS X community since the early Rhapsody days.


    CocoaConf Next Door Presentations

    GPUs and Beyond: The state of Computing, Apple and you

    Details coming soon!

    Hijack your GPU! - Compute kernels with Metal + Swift

    Let's explore directly programming the GPU using Metal and Swift. Enjoy giant speed gains in your existing code, and dream up whole new classes of apps.

    It's not obvious how to even start thinking about this stuff. What kinds of problems can be attacked? What is the learning curve? What are the trade offs? We'll get things cleared up and start exploring with real code.

    Swift-Metal playgrounds will be available to get your feet wet and start experimenting. You'll go home with a starting point for your own projects.

    The State of the Accelerate

    Details coming soon!