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    Daniel Pasco

    Daniel works as the CEO of Black Pixel, happily spending his time contributing to app design, writing code, figuring out where to take things next, and generally having the time of his life working with some of the brightest and most creative people in the industry. In his past life he was a music student at Cornish, and then a rocket scientist working on the Mars Surveyor program.

    When he's not working (which is rare), he continues to pursue mediocrity as a guitarist and drummer. He is downright nerdy about kung fu and loves practicing Chinese broadsword and double-edged sword forms.


    CocoaConf PDX Presentations

    Keynote: The life of an iOS developer is always intense

    When Daniel first went indie, he was inspired by people like Brent Simmons to make great Cocoa apps. In 2007 he cofounded Black Pixel, and after several years of fantastic growth and some tough lessons learned, Black Pixel is one of the top development houses in the industry.

    Getting good at what you do takes time, but there is no reason to make things harder than necessary. Hear about the things they tried that worked, and the things that did not. Find out what lessons were learned about development, design, business, and the Apple product ecosystem along the way.