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    Jaimee Newberry

    Jaimee has worked in the web interaction design & development industry since 1998, with emphasis on behavioral psychology-applied design for web, mobile web, iOS + Android applications, and product teams. After a 15-year, award-winning design career Jaimee successfully shifted focus from hands-on product creation to coaching and organization design through actionable examples, relatable stories, and constant experimentation in order to create more compassionate teams, more inspired individuals, and vastly improved digital products. She is very often commissioned to bring fresh leadership perspective to the table in male-dominated tech and gaming environments.

    Jaimee is a professional experimenter, the mother of two girls and two cats, and the girlfriend of a shy man who likes to remain mostly anonymous. She is behind the growing “tinychallenges” movement and co-host of the new tinychallenges podcast. Across her career, she has served remarkable companies like Audi, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Disney, McDonalds, Nintendo, UNLV, Zappos, and many more.


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    Art of the Sell

    Throughout her career Jaimee has held a range of roles from in-house team designer/manager/director, a partner in several agencies, an independent consultant and executive level management. Though her various job descriptions never included mention of the word “sales” she realized that across all these roles she not only had to sell her own work and ideas, but the work and ideas of her teams and colleagues, as well. It stands true that the most important skill she ever learned was how to sell.

    Through stories of client interactions, fumbling and learning experiences, Jaimee will share with you her two rules of design and her “Check-Yourself Checkpoints” which have served to improve her client/team/human interactions with results that close the deal. If you interact with human beings, you won’t want to miss this talk.